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Feeling at home with the colors and patterns of the west SAM E. resides in Oakland, California.  She creates work that embodies her urban environment  while also expressing  her ties and interest to  tradition.  Using habitual methods which include beading, quilting and latch-hook SAM E. creates work that modernizes these handcrafts. Mimicking colors and shapes found  in graffiti cover-ups and patterns from sweaters  worn during the 1980’s SAM E.'s unique creations are both intuitive yet thoughtfully  calculated. Working  with both new materials and utilizing scraps from cast away garments SAM E. designs with sustainability in mind. Creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition goods to not only repurpose these materials but to create work that is expressive with just a nod to the handcrafts  of  the  60/70's.

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